reach out to your dreams, your goals

A D or arrow keys to move

W , Space, or up arrow key to jump

This is my entry into "My First Game Jam" using Unity. Please, enjoy.

Published Jul 25, 2017
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Game Jam, My First Game Jam, Unity

Development log


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good work .. nice visuals.!

nice game. great animation / effects you've applied. the motion after-effect is a little distracting I think though - combined with the the contrast of white/greys makes it a bit difficult to see sometimes.

It looks and plays amazingly.  I wish i just knew what the message was because if it was more clear i probably would enjoy it more.

I hit the ceiling and died :'(

Love the Limbo-like looks of the game, and the physics are great as well.

10/10 would play it again

This looks really cool. <3